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Both Dale Electronics and Si Redd made their gifts back in the 1970s so that they were not thinking about any sites nor had they heard the term then.

They did, however, transform the game of poker into an automated casino sport, and Microgaming subsequently took video poker online for the masses.

We will not get into an in-depth history lesson to you as we all know you only want to learn how to play and how to triumph, but it’s interesting to discover where things started to here is just a little of the video poker narrative.

Whereas slot machines were introduced in the 1880s albeit, at a quite crude form, video poker did not make its first appearance until 1970. Subsequently called Poker-Matic, Dale Electronics made these initial video poker machines for Las Vegas casinos. Following a two-year run, the concept just didn’t catch on as expected and they were slowly taken out of the gambling floor.

Despite the fact that Poker-Matic machines were technically the first video poker games, Si Redd is generally the title you hear when anyone discusses the origin of those new machines.

Si Redd was a distributor for Bally’s Gaming and, in the mid-70s pitched his concept for a system he labeled as Video Poker. Naturally, with his ties to Bally’s, he introduced this creation to his employer, but they took a pass. Bally’s wanted to remain with the proven slot machine concept, not take a jump into unchartered territory.

Redd, armed with all the patent in hand, made a bargain with the Fortune Coin Company in Reno and together they formed Si Redd’s Coin Machines (aka SIRCOMA) to mass-produce these new gambling inventions.

The first machine hit the casinos in 1979 and curiosity gradually grew, so by 1981 video poker evolved into a favorite in-house game. The success of the first machines motivated Si Redd to take the business public and change its name to International Game Technology, or IGT, as most folks know it today.

IGT is still a massive supplier of gaming machines although it’s a good deal more video poker contest nowadays with opponents who want in on the sport.

That finishes the Dale Electronics and Si Redd part of our lesson today, but what about Microgaming?


Video SlotsWe’re not sure about you, but we have been in casinos and watched a few of the dedicated slot players or novices to casino gambling generally walk over to a video poker machine appears like deer in the headlights. They start pressing buttons and studying game payouts, and you just know they don’t have any clue what to do next.

If they do last and put some cash in the machine, they typically are dealt one hand they examine for quite a while and then immediately opt to cash out and move on to another game.

Video poker might have some similarities to slot games, but video poker players will need to have some knowledge of the sport of poker. It’s crucial for the enjoyment of the sport in addition to for players to have any success. We would even take it a step farther and say that a participant needs to have a comfort level with different poker variants like crazy card games. The strategy differs depending on the sport, so a basic understanding is vital.

If you have never played poker before, let alone video poker, we are here to help as it’s an entertaining game that you can try to master, and it never hurts to learn something new.

When SIRCOMA’s first video game has been created, it started out as a simple game where players had at least two pairs to win the hand. It evolved rapidly into a very popular sport, then and today, Jacks or Better. Jacks or Better is exactly as its name implies. The player requires a pair of Jacks or higher to get paid. This game gives players a better opportunity to win so playing time is more and, for some, the more the playing time, the more fun to be had.

We are going to use Jacks or Better as the referenced game in our miniature poker tutorial but just bear in mind that different games are going to have additional winning hands and payout possible.

Let us begin with the winning hands since these are the results to try to make certain that you’re paid rather than giving money to the home.

From lowest winning hand to the highest that’s always the Royal Flush or Sequential Royal Flush.

Rank = exactly the same card, for example, 4s or Queens

Suit = Heart, Diamond, Spade, or Club

Pair of Jacks or Better –or “Even Better” = Set of Queens, Kings, or Aces

Two Pair — 2 cards of one rank such as 4’s and 2 cards of another such as 5’s

Three of a Kind — 3 cards of the same rank, such as three 9’s

Straight — 5 cards of sequential rank but not in the same lawsuit — such as 7, 8, 9, 10, and Jack

Flush — 5 cards in the same suit — all diamonds, all hearts, all spades, or clubs

Full House — 3 cards of one rank and 2 cards of another — such as three 5’s and two 8’s

Four of a Kind — all 4 cards in 1 position — such as four Kings or four 7’s

Straight Flush — 5 cards of sequential rank and at the same lawsuit — it combines a straight and a flush to get a hand like 6, 7, 8, 9, and ten in hearts

Royal Flush — the greatest right flush with the greatest cards 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace all in the same suit. The Royal Flush is the highest paying hand and the one that all poker players attempt to get.

To give you an idea of the progression of payment as the palms increase, here is the ideal situation paytable for a Jacks or Better game with a five-coin maximum wager played. It is on a 9/6 machine, which we will explain more about soon, but 9/6 = the cover on full house (9)/flush (6)

Jacks or Better — 5
Two pair — 10
Three of a kind — 15
Straight — 20
Flush — 30
Full House — 45
Four of a Kind — 125
Straight Flush — 250
Royal Flush — 4000

In the event, you were playing poker against a dealer or other players, the player holding the highest hand is the winner. So, setting up Player A with a flush against Player B with a straight, leads to Player A’s win, as a flush beats a straight.

In Video Poker, you are simply playing for the highest hand on your own. Your final outcome then equates directly to a payout. Thus, if you get two pairs, then you’re paid for that triumph. No flip side affects the outcome.

You know the hands, and you know the payouts. Nonetheless, you still must learn how to play with right?

Let’s begin at the beginning. You walk up to your Jacks or Better machine or get it from your online casino.

Some games offer different denominations so be certain you understand precisely how much you are playing, and bear in mind that most video poker games have a 1 credit wager but the maximum of five credits pays for Royal Flushes.

As soon as you’re financed with your play money and you have the proper game and the ideal denomination all set, it is time to play.


Five cards are dealt with you — all face-up.

From those 5 cards, you are going to decide if you would like to keep all of these, some of these, or none of them by clicking the buttons which correspond to the cards you wish to keep (or hold).

If you are dealt any sort of winning hand, you will usually need to keep those cards (although you will find strategy exceptions which vary per situation).

By way of instance, at Jacks or Better, in case you’ve got a pair of Queens, hold on to them, as you are working with a winning hand and try to better that hand.

If your deal ends in no winning hand in any respect, here are a couple of alternatives to take into account, as your next goal is to maintain any cards that get you close to a winning result.

You were dealt five completely different cards in different suits, but one of those cards is a King, you may wish to continue to that high card for a set of Kings gets you your money back. So, continue to a face card or an Ace (that’s a high card), and hope to get a second of the same to emerge.

The deal is four hearts and one spade. You will hold the hearts anticipating a fifth heart comes out on the redraw resulting in a flush.

The 5 cards seem as Ace of Hearts, Ace of Clubs, Queen of Hearts, Ten of Hearts and King of Hearts. So, you own a pair of Aces, but you have 4 cards to a Royal Flush that provides the complete top payout. You throw off the Ace of Clubs and keep your fingers crossed, imagining the Jack of Hearts to be on your immediate future.

As soon as you hold the cards you wish to keep, click on the deal/draw button once more, and the cards which you chose to throw off are now replaced by new cards.

There’s nothing more that you do to that hand. The machine automatically calculates your payout if you’ve got one coming to you. You can then opt to play another hand or cash out.

There are many books and online resources for poker playing strategy. If you’re uncomfortable with only general guidelines on gameplay, then you can get comprehensive information about the best playing strategy to execute for each and every poker hand you might be dealt.

If you want merely to jump in and play, however, it is a fantastic idea to be aware of the order of hands like a flush beats a straight and a complete house beats a three of a kind. You need to try to find the top payouts in each circumstance, but you also need to play smart. It is not always a good thing to play for the Royal, as some folks prefer. From time to time, the joint smaller wins may add up to some fantastic profit also.

It will take practice to get more comfortable with the many hands and also to know when to search for something and when to be conservative, so many online casinos allow for practice play. You can hone your skills before you risk any cold hard cash.


This specific game takes the multi-hand idea, usually three or five hands, and then increases the action by offering a random multiplier. To be in the running to find the multiplier, you will need to, not only wager the maximum but an extra credit per line. Therefore, if you are playing three hands at a time, then you will need to put up 18 rather than 15 (or six credits per line rather than five).

The multiplier can be anywhere from two times the cover to ten times, and it can pop up at any moment. It really is random so you might play for a while with no multipliers or see it look a few hands in a row.

Let us say you were dealt a straight and received a 3 times multiplier. You’d hold the right, so you get paid on all three hands. Whereas you would usually receive 20 credits per line, the multiplier increases it to 60, so your payout is 180 credits complete on that 1 hand.


Video Poker matches Slots, and the result is Spin Poker. This game is played like regular poker however has five reels and nine pay lines. When you look at the display, you will see a grid that is five across and three up and down (15 cards total).

You click bargain and a 5 card hand is dealt out, and then the cards are held or lost just like any other video poker game. This time, however, your redraw has spinning reels to fill in the rest of the spots to finish the 15 cards.

If you are dealt a winning hand, you are going to win nine times. Otherwise, you could win on a single pay line, two, three, or any number up to nine complete and you get paid so. The cover lines are just like they are on slot machines. They are not only horizontal lines. They can be diagonal or zig-zag across the board but you will need to wager all nine lines (45 credits total for optimum drama) to be in on all the available action.


This specific poker version is a rather recent addition to the collection. The achievement at Color Match Royals hinges flushes. The payouts are structured so that Royals come out 12 times more often, straight flushes are 17 times more apt to seem, and the fantastic old flush is 26 times more active.


We have talked about multi-play options where, for example on a three-play match, 1 hand is dealt, cards are subsequently held or lost, and then the redraw provides three opportunities to better that one hand.

With Super Hand Poker, three completely distinct hands are dealt. Any winning hands together with the first 5 cards have been paid, but the hand with the maximum possibility of winning moves to the redraw where routine triple play principles restart.


This game is somewhat different than the others that we have discussed up to now since it is a three-bet match with three strategies to win, and it unites 5 card poker with 7 card poker.

The way it works is that the initial bet applies to the five-card dealt hand. The next wager is your 5 card hand on the draw (after you have made your choices and discards), and the third is a 7 card hand that’s comprised of the 5 card draw hand and two cards in the remaining deck. There’s a good deal of actions per round, three-ways to be precise, and it is a departure from conventional video poker.


If you play with this one, be ready to shell out more cash for every round you play. This game requires that the wager doubled to get in on the multiplier actions (like Super Times Pay). The way this works is that players that have a ten credit wager in place (instead of the regular five credit max) receive an automated multiplier for each hand that directly follows a hand. So, if you buy a flush on the current hand, expect a multiplier to your next round.

More Options

The games we have mentioned are only a couple of the newest adaptations to the initial video poker game. Poker purists probably have a pass on incorporating all the bells and whistles, but gamers that enjoy the entertainment factor to video poker opt for these kinds of updated machines since they include a little something extra to their pursuit for the Royal.

The variations certainly do not stop with our list, however. You can choose a game such as Spin Poker and now you will even find Spin Poker Deluxe that raises the cover lines from nine to 20, or there is Triple Play Spin Poker with three unique boards of 15 slots and cards which spin in each.

The same is true for Super Times Pay and the majority of the new and unique games out there now. They are always getting larger and more sophisticated but, as the matches expand, the stakes then increase so, so players must be cautious and review maximum wager information on each game till they press the deal button and find out their hands cost them ten times what they’d expected.


Any gambling will involve a whole lot of luck. But, there are a couple of things that video poker players can do to boost their overall likelihood of cashing out some winnings.

  1. Start looking for a 9/6 machine aka a complete pay game. 9/6 refers to the payout of a full house and flush with “9” representing complete home and “6” as flush. Having a five credit maximum wager, a 9/6 machine will payout at 45 for a complete house and 30 to get a flush. A short-pay machine might be something such as an 8/5 that pays 40 and 25.
  2. Review RTP percentages and select the highest one. If you’re unfamiliar with an RTP, it is the Return to Player and is a long-term proportion of the general participant take versus the casino’s cut. Consequently, if a machine has been a 99% RTP, that means that the casino takes 1% of the general wagering and players, in numerous combinations, will get the 99% gap. No, that does not mean that you are guaranteed #99 back in the event that you put in #100. It’s a very long-range average and a number of players will recoup more than others. However, the greater the percentage, the higher the consequent wins. If given the option of a 97.2% machine or a 99.5% alternative, we advise you to take the 99.5.
  3. Pick the games with the greater overall RTPs. The number one on the list will be full pay Deuces Wild. This is the conventional Deuces game rather than Deuces Bonus or other wild card variants. Playing Deuces Wild with a strategy outlined by professional gamers who understand the intricacies of this game will turn this specific poker game into a 100% average return chance.
  4. Not a Deuces Wild fan? Pick Bonus Poker, Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus, or Joker Poker since they can have an approximate 100% expected return. The lower yield game? Jacks or Better, as it comes in just under 100%. Of course, this is with the best playing strategy and is based on the game maker and specific posted cover tables.
  5. Play the most bet. If you are playing a game that is progressive, it is mandatory to bet the maximum or you won’t be in contention for the larger payout opportunity. On standard games, however, many will cover equivalently regardless of one, two, three, four, or maximum coins wagered before it has to do with the Royal Flush and then players gambling low could lose out. More online casinos often pay so, even for Royals, but brick and mortar casinos and some of the online video poker games cover a Royal out at 250 credits per one credit wager and then 4,000 total for the maximum five credits. That’s a huge jump. Four coins = 1,000 charge and five = 4,000!
  6. Do not play for the Royals and Royals alone. If you go for that elusive Royal Flush each time you get a face card, you are looking a one in 40,000 chance. Play to the smaller wins in addition to the large ones and you could have a very positive outcome.


Video poker is one of the maximum payout games around as long as players have a designated strategy, and play by the rules and recommendations which are advised by poker strategists and pros.

If you don’t like the sport of poker, however, you are probably not interested in any payout contrast. It needs to be fun and, unlike slots, you’ve got more control of the outcome-based upon your method of play.

Bear in mind that video poker is not likely to supply you with these extremely rare but enormous jackpots that slot games can provide. A 25-cent (US dollar) poker game with a maximum $1.25 bet per hand has a high prize possible of $1,000 on a fundamental one-hand, non-jackpot innovative game. Slot games can begin as little as a cent or 1p per line and you will find games online and on-site that offer countless top payouts. Now, again, those jackpot awards are rarely allowed, but players know they are in the running.

If you want that sort of activity and potential, then slots will be a much better choice.

Now, in case you like the whistles and bells that slot games supply but you enjoy the sport of poker, new choices like Spin Poker or Ultimate X will provide you the best of both worlds. You still will not be in the running for millions, but a few million here or there surely can be fun!

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